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AA-11 The Fieseler Fi-156C: A Detailed Guide to the Luftwaffe"s Versatile 'Storch' (Including Post-War Derivatives) by Richard A. Franks.
The eleventh title in the Airframe Album series will be an essential companion for anyone tackling the Hasegawa (1/32nd), Tristar (1/35th), Esci or Tamiya (1/48th), Academy or Airfix/Heller kits in 1/72nd scale.
Contents includes all the elements listed plus:
" A wealth of historical photographs and detail images of preserved examples
" Period detail images during production and service use
" Isometric views by Chris Sandham-Bailey of all prototype and production airframes
" Colour profiles and by Richard J. Caruana
" At least 100 pages in total
" Lists of all 'Storch' accessories and decals produced in all scales
" Kit builds of the Smer (ex-Heller) Fi-156C and a conversion of the Academy 'Storch' to a K-65 C"p in 1/72nd by Libor Jekl, plus the Tamiya 1/48th example by Steve A. Evans

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