1/72 SU-24M FENCER D TR01673

1/72 SU-24M FENCER D TR01673

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The Su-24 is a tactical bomber developed by Sukhoi Design Bureau that performs all-weather low-altitude penetration attacks, codenamed "fencer" NATO. This machine is a two-seat air intake on both sides of the conventional layout and equipped with a pair of variable sweepback wing,December 31, 1971First test flight. The total output of the entire model in more than 1,400, mainly equipped with the Soviet Union's own air force and naval aviation units. Its export models are used in countries such as Azerbaijan, Algeria, Kazakhstan, Libya, Syria and Ukraine.

Su-24M is a "fencer-type B / C" upgrade to improve the prototype T-6M-8 inJune 29, 1977First flight. Production Su-24M entered the army service in 1983. The new Su-24M "fencer-D" is 0.76 meters longer than the original model and features a remanufactured short radome and a range of new equipment such as the Kaira-24 laser / tv system. A series of new equipment makes the machine has the ability to launch / throw all kinds of TV / laser-guided weapons.

Product number 01673
product name Russia Su -24M " fencer " D
Barcode 9580208016733
Product ratio 1:72
product type Plastic Model Aircraft Kit
Model size Length: 313mm Wingspan: 245 mm
The total number of parts 440+
Metal parts n / a
Etched parts n / a
Film film n / a
Resin parts n / a
The total number of offset 33 sprues and fuselage
Date of publication 2016-01

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