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The E-series tank plan was proposed by Oberon-Kenilworth in May 1942 and completed in April 1943. E 10 is the lightest in the entire tank series, weighing about 15 tons. E 10 and E 25 are developed in parallel to achieve maximum versatility of the part and plan for a test platform for the powertrain and transmission. The main weapon of the E 10 is a Pak 39 L / 48 7.5 cm gun. Confirmed by Dr. Kenikamp, ??who was captured after the war, in the summer of 1944 the drawings and 3 test car contracts were drawn up for trial production by Magros, but were still not completed until January 1945.
Product Code 00385
Product Name German E-10 Light Tank Destroyer
Bar Code 9580208003856
Product Size 1/35
Product Type Static Armor
Model Dimension Length: 201 mm Width: 85 mm Height: 57mm
Total Parts 517pcs
Etched Parts 1pcs for the
skirts Total Offset 17pcs
Water Stick-coat German army in green / sand / brown camouflage
Publication date 2007-09
More Description The kit consists of 113 parts in light gray plastic with a further 400 individual track links in light gray plastic, two alternate sets of full l

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