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The Centaur is a four-axle wheeled armored vehicle. Perfect mechanical configuration, powerful firepower and sophisticated electronic equipment make it one of the best wheeled armored vehicles in the world. 400 "Centaur" wheeled armored vehicles ordered by the Italian Army in 1989. Just one year after the delivery of the first Centaur armored vehicles, that is, 1993, 20 Centaur armored vehicles were used for United Nations peacekeeping operations in Somalia. As a result of the excellent performance of the Centaur, the Spanish Army also ordered 22 vehicles in 1999 and added 62 such armored vehicles in 2002. The third armored vehicle is the Egyptian Army.
Item No. 01563
Product Name Italian Centaur Tank Destroyer Early Type (1 Set) With Extra Armor ROMOR
Bar Code 9580208015637
Product Scale 1:35
Product Type Static Kit
Model Dimensions Length: 242.5mm Width: 89.2 mm
Total Parts 380+
Metal Parts copper cable
Etched Parts 1 piece
Films n / a
Resin Parts n / a
Total Discs 10 sprues, upper hull, lower hull, turret, poly cap and tires
Water-based finish Italian Army
Release Date 2012-05
More Description "Lower Hull / Suspension
- One-piece multi-slide moulded lower hull
- All the underside contours for the suspension and drive train which is entirely made up of separate parts
- The central drive train with differentials and drive shafts are nicely detailed
- Separate rear panel with separate rear armored hatch and crew entry doors, separate latch handles inside and outside

- The main tires are hollow rubber with very good tread pattern included as well as sidewall details consisting of raised section ribs
-Wheel hubs are in great details

Upper Hull
- 2-directional slide-molded upper hull with good clean crisp surface details included Turret - 4-directional slide-molded upper turret - Copper towing cable PE