1/35  SOVIET T64AV MOD 1984 TRO1580

1/35 SOVIET T64AV MOD 1984 TRO1580

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T-64 tanks as a new generation of main battle tanks, handed over to the chief designer of Kharkiv Design Bureau Alexander. A . Morozov responsible, he is also the chief architect of T-55 tanks. T-64 revolutionized the introduction of 125MM gun, and equipped with a new type of automatic loading machine, thus reducing the loading hand, to further reduce the weight and concealment of the vehicle, starting from the T-64 1976 type, more Equipped with a new type of artillery missile.
T-64 series tanks, only equipped with the former Soviet Red Army, did not like the T-55 series as exports. Due to too much revolutionary design, resulting in the new tank can not be properly served, this situation until T-72B 1985 type appeared to be improved. Western countries first discovered T-64A is already 1976 years , when the Soviet Red Army in East Germany of a small amount of equipment, and also in Hungary after the Soviet army in the south and equipment. The T-64B , improved in 1981 , began refitting and was later deployed in Hungary.

Product number 01580
product name Soviet T-64AV main battle tanks (1984 Nian )
Barcode 9580208015804
Product ratio 1:35
product type Static kit
Model size Length: 261mm Width: 105mm
The total number of parts 610+
Metal parts n / a
Etched parts 3 pcs
Film film n / a
Resin parts n / a
The total number of offset 25 sprues, lower hull and turret
Date of publication 2015-02
More description The kit consists of over 610 parts
> the kit w / refined detail
> multi-slide lower hull
> plastic tracks links
> Included Photo-etched parts