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The 2S1 Carnation is a 122mm self-propelled howitzer developed by the former Soviet Union that looks like a PT-76 amphibious tank but is essentially developed from the MT-LB Armored Car with a 2A18 howitzer. "2S1" is the Russian Ministry of Defense codenamed in the Russian army are generally referred to as "carnations." 2S1 can only have a small amount of preparation for amphibious capabilities, the use of body float, crawler water way to promote. The 2S1 has a wide range of tracks to choose from, making it easy to pass through snow or swamps. 2S1 with nuclear and biological warfare capabilities and night vision capabilities.
Product Code 05571
Product Name Russia 2S1 Self-propelled Howitzer
Bar Code 9580208055718
Product Scale 1:35
Product Type Static Kit
Model Size Length: 212.2 mm Width: 82mm
Total Parts 960+
Metal Parts n / a
Etched Parts 2 pcs
Film Parts n / a
Resin Parts n / a
Total Offset 22 sprues, lower hull, upper hull and turret
Release Date 2013-03
More Description "The kit consists of over 960 parts
> the kit w / refined detail
> multi-slide turret and lower hull
> photo etched parts included "