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The night battle type of "Hell Cat" did not begin to serve on the aircraft carrier until late November 1943, when the US Navy needed a night fighter to deal with the Japanese army's night attack. The F6F became the only option, mainly because the F4U at the time was considered unsuitable for taking off and landing on the deck of the aircraft carrier at night. Grumman made a number of improvements to the F6F-3 and finally introduced the F6F-3N. The F6F-3N has produced more than 200 aircraft. The F6F-3N radar antenna is mounted on the right wing, and the F6F-3N carries the AN/APS-6 radar. The receiving device on the fuselage displays the received signal on the radar screen in the center of the instrument panel. The F6F-3N is also the same. Use the P&W R2800-10W engine.
Product No. 02258
Product Name F6F-3N "Hell Cat" Night Fighter
Barcode 9580208022581
Product Ratio 1:32
Product Type Static Aircraft
Model Size Length: 320mm Wingspan: 418.25mm
Total Parts 377pcs
Metal Parts n/a
Etching Parts 1 fret PE for seat- Belt
film film 1 photo film sheet for instrument panel
resin parts n/a
total number of plates 10 sprues, 4 rubber tyres, one clear cowling
water paste coating " 1) F6F-3N No.319 USS Solomons, Nov. 1944
2) F6F-3N No. 6 VF(N)-76 USS Charger, Oct. 1943"
release date 2008-08
more description " Fuselage
-Left and right fuselage moulded w/ authentic details
-Offer clear engine cover to assembly to show The full interior

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