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An eye in the air
An extremely light and agile aircraft, the Fi 156 "Storch" was renowned for its short landing and takeoff abilities. It was used throughout WWII by the Germans for observation, artillery spotting, and VIP transportation. Most famously, it was the aircraft used to extract a deposed Mussolini from his mountaintop prison. Less famously, it landed the new head of the Luftwaffe in Berlin during the middle of the Battle of Berlin-possibly the only aircraft he still had command over. Kit features new antenna and wheel hub plus three sets of decals.

Decal Options:

Fi156C-3: Luftwaffe Stab II./Sch. G1 Russia
Fi156C-3: Luftwaffe Code: 2E+RA Russia
Fi156C-2: Luftwaffe Code: NM+ZD North Africa