1/144 TRUMPETER TU-16K-10 BADGER C TR03908

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Figure-16 is a high-altitude jet bomber designed by the former Soviet Union, with the then high speed used instead of Figure-4 to improve the survivability in the face of enemy fighter intercept by increasing the flight speed. In 1955, the former Soviet navy air force needed to develop an Tu-16 capable of carrying K-10 S (AS-2 trout) cruise missiles as an anti-ship platform. The missile comes with guidance system, using half-buried way hanging in the fuselage below the bomblet site. Figure-16K-10 prototype was manufactured in 1958, put into mass production in 1959. In 1961 October began to enter the Soviet naval aviation service. A total of about 220 aircraft were produced.
Product Code
03908 Product Name Figure -16K-10 Badger C-Type Bomber
Bar Code 9580208039084
Product Ratio 1: 144
Product Type Static Aircraft
Model Size Length: 258mm Wingspan: 231mm
Total Parts 87pcs
Metal Parts n / a
Etched Parts n / a
Films n / a
Resin Parts n / a
Total Number of Offset 4pcs
Water-Coated Paint "Former Soviet Air Force service
Publication Date 2009-02
More Description "There are 79 parts in light gray plastic, 8 clear parts for canopy and missile
-Rotated dorsal, ventral and tail gun turret
- Window glazing and cl "