1/144 REVELL SU-27 FLANKER 95-03948

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1/144 Su-27 Flanker Plastic Model Kit
Product ID: 80-3948
Skill level: 3
Scale: 1:144
Length: 141 mm
Wingspan: 103 mm
Parts: 48
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Easily one of the most maneuverable fighter aircraft to ever take to the skies, the Sukhoi Su-27 was the Soviet Union's answer to American fourth-generation fighter designs. It is one of the few aircraft in the world capable of performing "Pugachev's Cobra"-a demanding stunt in which the nose of the aircraft rears up and back to vertical before lunging forward like a striking snake. Coupled with speeds above Mach 2 and impressive armament, this maneuverability makes the Su-27 a master of the sky. Kit features detailed undercarriage, pylons with guided weapons, and full decals.