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Another wonderful kit from the Gundam Wing: Endless Waltz series is the extremely powerful Tallgeese III! You get to build three versions of the Tallgeese with this single kit!
All parts come molded in colour and are snap-fit, so paint and glue is not necessary during assembly. However, extra paint would definitely increase the appeal as the smaller details don't come molded in their real colours. Upon completion, this kit will boast superb articulation, as well as sharp details, considering this was an older kit. If you think Bandai was great with this kit, wait until you get the newer kits!
Included in this kit are armour parts for all three versions, as well as three different Booster Packs, three Shields. The weaponries include a Beam Saber, a Mega Cannon (which can be mounted on the right shoulder of Tallgeese III]), Tallgeese III's Heat Rod (which can be mounted on Tallgeese III's Shield), and a Dober Gun (which can be mounted on the right shoulder of Tallgeese and Tallgeese II. Also provided is a sheet of foil stickers for extra details, as well as accurate pictorial instructions that are easy to follow.
This kit is a must get as Tallgeese is one of the best designed Mobile Suits with loads of firepower and speed, and not to mention, this kit lets you build all 3 versions!