1/100 BTR-80  80-7401

1/100 BTR-80 80-7401

  • $10.95

This fully-amphibious armored personnel carrier first appeared in the early 1980's. It's distinctive eight-wheeled design quickly became a common sight throughout the world. Lightly armored, the BTR-80 relies on its speed and maneuverability to survive on the battlefield. As fast over most terrains as any tracked vehicle, it can reach speeds as high as 80 km/h on the road. This makes it an excellent fire support vehicle for deployed infantry as well as a scout or patrol vehicle. The BTR-80 uses a crew of three, and can carry up to seven combat-ready soldiers. Once deployed, it can provide fire support with a 14.5mm heavy machine gun and 7.62mm coaxial machine gun. Contents: 1 personnel carier 1 flag - 1 unit card

No glue required

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